Shipping Policy

 * These shipping times are estimates, not guarantees. The estimates don’t include the time it takes to create your products. Contact your account manager to get specific lead times and shipping rates.  Your account manger will be able to provide.

Shipping costs differ based on the type and quantity of products in an order.

Current Averages: 

Shipping in the USA

T-Shirts: 6-13 business days 

Single Product: $7.99

Additional Product: $2.99

 4Winners Production facility is based out of Las Vegas, NV.  All orders are fulfilled and shipped out of the Nevada location.  

Packaging Policy: 

One of the reasons why 4Winners is becoming so popular with fulfillment clients is our approach to packaging.  We believe in marketing your brand and make every effort to display your logo on every package that leaves our facility.  Each account will be assigned an account manager and your manager will review your custom packaging needs before your account goes into operation.  In general our policy is this:

-Tshirt and one item orders will go in a mailer with a color scheme suited to your brand.  The mailer will include your logo. 

-Larger orders in value (Usually over $149) will be delivered in a custom box with your logo.  This custom box is valued at $12.50 and will be provided to your customer at no additional cost. 

-For exclusive orders for key clients or sales of over $500 we will send your package in a premium custom box with your custom logo.  This premium box is worth well over $25 and is sent to your customer at no additional charge to you.  Its just another way we pride ourselves on our quality. 

 -If you would like any of your orders that are below the $500 value to be sent in a premium box, please contact your account manager with the order number and make this request, we will then include the $25 fee in your next bill.